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In the contemporary scenario, India's interest in the world as well as the world's interest in India is visibly at its highest. Therefore, it becomes imperative that the Indian scholarship on global issues should respond to the opportunities that this presents. To this end, the Symbiosis School of International Studies (SSIS) endeavours to provide a platform for teaching and research in international relations, with an emphasis on India and its role in global affairs. Set up in consonance with the broader vision of Symbiosis Society, which is "to integrate with the world", SSIS strives to constantly engage in scholarly pursuits in an environment of intellectual fellowship, aimed at the academic enrichment of the entire community.

The discipline of International Studies (IS) positions itself at the cross-roads where the dominant cultural, economic, political and social issues that exercise an influence on the national, regional and international agenda converge. A Master's programme in International Studies encourages students to relate theoretical concepts to specific, relevant world issues and challenges in international affairs today.

About Us

The Symbiosis School of International Studies - SSIS- was established in 2012 with an aim to bring the IR discourse to the Western region of the country through a well-designed academic programme, conferences, symposia and exchanges with relevant stakeholders which include policy makers, NGOs, think tanks, the media and other academic institutions. "Nurturing leaders for change" is the vision of SSIS and is embedded in all curricular, extra-curricular as well as co-curricular activities. The aim is to create a critical mass of young people who are able to lead and bring in a positive change through their professional as well as personal trajectories.

Chancellor's Message

Inspired by the ideals of 'Vishwa Bharati' of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and 'Antar Bharati' of Sane Guruji and with a deep desire to help foreign students, an idea of 'Symbiosis' was conceived by Dr. S.B. Mujumdar in the year 1971. The motto of Symbiosis is 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' and truly for the foreign students at Pune it is a 'Home away from Home'.

It has students who hail from all states of India and more than 85 different countries. Symbiosis is known to be a multicultural, multilingual and multinational institution. An institution, where academic democracy prevails and where law is the religion and freedom of thought and expression is the spirit, at Symbiosis equality is not preached but practiced. It is here that innovation, passion and compassion is nurtured.

"Today, our endeavour of establishing 'international relations' through our personal concern for the welfare of these foreign students has indeed come a full circle with the establishment of the Symbiosis School of International Studies (SSIS). It gives me great pleasure to see that Symbiosis, true to its motto- Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam, is progressing well on the path to contributing to the country's endeavours of fostering good international relations."


Dr. S.B. Mujumdar

Pro Chancellor's Message

The Symbiosis School of International Studies (SSIS) is an excellent choice for students who are interested in meeting the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century; challenges which require greater understanding of social, political and economic global issues, as well as knowledge of the languages and cultures of the world.

SSIS provides the scholars with the knowledge and analytic tools to work successfully in an increasingly globalised world, and equips them to exploit the policy and scholarly synergies that result when disciplinary insights are rigorously combined. I wish SSIS scales new heights of excellence which could set a benchmark for international studies in India and abroad.

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar

Pro Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) & Principal Director, Symbiosis


Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar

Pro Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) & Principal Director, Symbiosis

Ram Sathe Chair In International Studies

The Symbiosis School of International Studies has established the 'Ram Sathe Chair' in International Studies under the aegis of Symbiosis International University.

Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed

Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed

Director's Message

For the country the size of India, there are a very few quality private institutions which allow for independent creative thinking on how foreign policy needs to be conducted. SSIS is a new addition to the Symbiosis family and is poised to be at the forefront of research and education. With its area study focus, the school will provide widespread opportunity for research, consultancy, policy framing as well as post graduate teaching.

Through innovative high-quality work, SSIS may not only seek to inform the populous and the policy making agencies, but with its ambition to assemble a critical mass of experts with their methodological skills, the school promises to shape well trained scholar-analysts in their ambition to study, understand, discuss, debate and relate to the contemporary global scenario.

At the heart of contemporary international politics are new challenges to enduring problems. Increasing concerns such as poverty, terrorism, conflict, human rights, economic development, health and the global environment, make the study of global affairs a unique and exciting challenge. The SSIS unfolds the opportunity to examine and critically evaluate such issues of the contemporary world. I welcome you to an institute which is constantly preparing for the new and unfolding realities of international life.

Ms. Shivali Lawale

Ms. Shivali Lawale

Distinguished Visting Faculty

Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed

Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed

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Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed

Amb.(Retd) Gautam Bambawale

Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Ambassador (Retd.) Sudhir T. Devare

Ambassador (Retd.) Sudhir T. Devare

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Dr. Jagdeep S. Chhokar

Dr. Jagdeep
S. Chhokar

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Ambassador(Retd.) Skand Ranjan Tayal

Ambassador(Retd.) Skand Ranjan Tayal

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Ambassador (Retd.) Prakash Shah

Ambassador (Retd.) Prakash Shah

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Ambassador (Retd.) Kishan S. Rana

Ambassador (Retd.) Kishan S. Rana

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Mr. Rajendra Shende

Mr. Rajendra Shende, Chairman

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Dr. Shrikant Paranjpe

Dr. Shrikant

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Wing Commander Ajey Lele (Retd.)

Wing Commander Ajey Lele (Retd.)

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Dr. Manpreet Sethi

Dr. Manpreet

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Prof. Deepanshu Mohan

Prof. Deepanshu Mohan

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Mr. Jayadeva Ranade

Mr. Jayadeva

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Dr. Sramana Majumdar

Dr. Sramana Majumdar

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Student Council

BATCH 2018-2020
Committee Name Email ID
Academic Review Sooraj Kashyap
Annesha Bhattacharjee
Kanika Sansanwal
Student Research Nischal Dave
Shefali Mhatre
Health and Wellness Shefali Mhatre
G Akshay
Grievance Redressal Fatima Kamandi Naseer
Chinmay Desai
Communication Pratishta Kaushik
Dhruv Dutta
Aditi Choudhury
Social Responsibility Suparna Sahajwalla
Dhvani Jain
IQAC Soham Joshi
Isha Saxena
Mess Committee Mrityunjaya Dubey
Nazia Azimi
Sports Rahul Kamath
Ishita Singh
Anti-ragging Akash Shah
Qudsia Ghafary
Library Pranav Puri
Salma Basheer
Discipline Simran Kothari
Shubhaj Poricha
Co/Extra Curricular Richa Johnichan
Salma Basheer
Bhavya Bana
General Secretary Ronnie Ninan
BATCH 2019-2021
Committee Name Email ID
Social Responsibility Committee Sayali Phanse
Pratishtha Das
Co and Extra-Curricular Committee Arunima Prasad
S Divya Kiran
Academic Review Committee Shubham Bhagat
Pranali Deshmukh
Library Advisory Committee Radhika Mall
Sakshi Gemini
Research Committee Deshini Sindhu
Nitesh Dhanorkar
Communications Committee Epcita Shukla
Merin Susan Suresh
Internal Quality Assurance Cell Abhilasha Sharma
Vrinda Bhayana
Sports Committee Reyna Daniel
Shubham Bhagat
Hostel and Mess Committee Omkar Mane
S Divya Kiran
Campus Discipline and Crisis Management Committee Khushbu Asrani
Tanishk Saxena
Health and Wellness Committee Pranali Deshmukh
Khushbu Asrani
Anti-Ragging Committee Abhilasha Sharma
Sayali Phanse
Grievance Redressal Tanishk Saxena
Vrinda Bhayana
Assistant General Secretary Merin Susan Suresh
SSIS Committees 2018 -19
S.No. Committee 17-19 batch 18-20 batch Faculty in Charge Faculty and Staff Member External members
1 Class Representatives (CR) Shrishti Singh; (vacant position to be filled) Hassaan Chisti ; Akshara Bhargava N.A. N.A. N.A.
2 Assistant General Secretary (AGS) N.A. Ronnie Ninan N.A. N.A. N.A.
3 General Secretary (GS) Bonita Gupta N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
4 Academic Review Committee (ARC) Aditi Mukund; Yash Das Sharma Sooraj Kashyap; Annesha Bhattacharjee Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar N.A.
5 Student Research Committee (SRC) also member of Inst Research Committee (IRC) Saurabh Singh; Sharon John Nischal Dave ; Suparna Sahajwalla Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti Dr. Sampa Kundu;Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Amb.(retd) Talmiz Ahmad
6 Health & Wellness Committee (HWC) also member of Campus Heath Committee Swathi R Kallur; Sosten Acton Chimimba Shefali Mhatre; Mrityunjaya Dubey Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Ms. Sheetal Bhosale;

Dr. Sampa Kundu

7 Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC)* Female student member also member of ICC (Internal Complaints Committee for sexual harassments etc), Anti- Discrimination Cell and Gender Sensitization Cell. Vishwajeet Singh Raghav; Shambhavi Joshi Kanika Sansanwal; Akshay G Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar; Dr. Sampa Kundu;

Ms. Bharti Borkar; Mrs. Manda Kadam

8 Communication Committee (CC)- would also look into websites Saloni Singla; Nandana Praveen Pratishtha Kaushik ; Dhruv Dutta Ms. Daneesh Sethna Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar N.A.
9 Institutional Social Responsibility Committee (ISRC) Shreya Ekka; Udit Sharma Tej Raj Upreti; Bhavya Bana Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Ms. Daneesh Sethna; Dr. Sampa Kundu N.A.
10 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Farida Chawala; Surya Kumar Gudduru Isha Saxena; Soham Joshi Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Prof. Shrikant Paranjpe ; Alumni - Mr. Anuraag Srivastava and Mr. Sachit Gulwadi
11 Hostel & Mess Committee (HMC) Abanteeka Hoare; Omgere J Patrick Ronnie Ninan and Nazia Azimi Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti Ms. Sheetal Bhosale N.A.
12 Sports Committee (SC) Aalap Hajarnis; Nidhi Meppadan Rahul Kamath; Ishita Singh Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Ms. Sheetal Bhosale N.A.
13 Anti- Ragging Committee Arpan Rathi, Saloni Singla Qudsia Ghafary; Wungmareo Thingshung Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti Ms. Bharti Borkar N.A.
14 Anti -Ragging Squad N.A. N.A. Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Dr. Sampa Kundu Campus Admin - SVNC; Warden- Boy's Hostel; Warden - Girl's hostel
15 Anti-Ragging Mentoring Cell Saloni Singla, Arpan Rathi, Shristi Singh, Rohan Malhotra, Vishwajeet Singh Raghav, Swathi R Kallur, Sosten Acton Chimimba N.A. (17-19 batch mentors assigned to five students from 18- 20 batch as per the Students Attendance Record List in order of PRN) Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti N.A. N.A.
16 Library Advisory Committee (LAC) Maila Mrinalini; Sanjana Gowain Salma Basheer ;Pranav Puri Ms. Daneesh Sethna Dr. Sampa Kundu;

Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar

17 Campus / Institute Discipline and Crisis Management Committee (CDCMC) Pratiksha Pathak; Aastha Vohra Chinmay Desai ; Dhvani Jain Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Ms. Sheetal Bhosale N.A.
18 Co and Extracurricular Activity Committee (CEAC) Rohan Malhotra; Dikshita Kaushik Aditi Choudhury; Shubhaj Poricha Mr. Aniket Bhavthankar Ms. Bharti Borkar N.A.
Symbiosis School of International Studies Student Council 2017-18
Sr. No Name of Committee/ Position Name of Student Representative(s) Email IDs
1 General Secretary (GS) Mr. Karanvir Shekhawat
2 Assistant General Secretary (AGS) Surbhi Lohia
3 Class Representative(CR) Preshit Nityanand Parihar
4 Anti- Ragging Committee Arpan Rathi

Saloni Singla;;

5 Academic Review Committee (ARC) Aditi Mukund

Yash Das Sharma;

6 Institutional Social Responsibility Committee (ISRC) Shreya Ekka

Udit Sharma;

7 Co and Extracurricular Activity Committee (CEAC) Rohan Malhotra

Dikshita Kaushik;

8 Library Advisory Committee (LAC) Maila Mrinalini

Sanjana Gowan;

9 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Farida Chawala

Surya Sameer Kumar Guduru;

10 Communication Committee (CC) Saloni Singla

Nandana Praveen;

11 Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) Vishwajeet Singh Raghav

Shambhavi Sunil Joshi;

12 Hostel & Mess Committee (HMC) Abanteeka Hoare

Omegere John Patrick;

13 Campus Discipline and Crisis Management Committee (CDCMC) Pratiksha Pathak

Aastha Vohra;

14 Health & Wellness Committee (HWC) Sosten Acton Chimimba

Swathi Raghu Kallur;

15 Sports Committee (SC) Aalap Anish Hajarnis

Nidhi Sureshbabu Meppadan;

16 Student Research Committee (SRC) Saurabh Singh

Sharon John;

Symbiosis School of International Studies Student Council 2016-17
Sr. No Name of Committee/ Position Name of Student Representative(s) Email IDs
1 General Secretary (GS) Mr. Karanvir Shekhawat
2 Assistant General Secretary (AGS) Ms. Sharan Ahluwalia
3 Class Representative(CR) Ms. Richa Sharma

Mr. Sam De;

4 Anti- Ragging Committee Ms. Palak Chhabra;
5 Academic Review Committee (ARC) Mr. Anuraag Srivastava
6 Institutional Social Responsibility Committee (ISRC) Mr. Shonit Singh
7 Co and Extracurricular Activity Committee (CEAC) Ms. Sharan Ahluwalia

Ms. Evelyn Pamela Tete;

8 Library Advisory Committee (LAC) Ms. Sabhya Sharma
9 Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Ms. Ishka Yadav
10 Communication Committee (CC) Ms. Deepashree Mahajan

Ms. Avadhi Patni;
11 Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) Ms. Sugandh Priya Ojha
12 Hostel & Mess Committee (HMC) Ms. Gargi Verma
13 Campus Discipline and Crisis Management Committee (CDCMC) Mr. Akshay Parashar
14 Health & Wellness Committee (HWC) Ms. Maanushi Rana

Mr. Santanu Bhattacharya;

15 Sports Committee (SC) Mr. Bidyut Deka

Ms. Bidisha Ghosh;
16 Student Research Committee (SRC) Mr. Sachit Gulwadi

Code of Conduct and Leave rules

SSIS Committees 2018

  1. The Director is the Chairperson of all committees.
  2. SSIS Internal Complaints Committee (includes the Anti- Discrimination Cell and Gender Sensitization Cell)
  3. SSIS Grievance Redressal Committee
  4. SSIS Anti Ragging Team

    1. SSIS Anti Ragging Committee
    2. SSIS Anti Ragging Squad
    3. SSIS Anti Ragging Mentoring Cell
  5. SSIS Programme Review Committee
  6. SSIS Academic Review Committee
  7. SSIS M.A.(IS)Admission Committee
  8. SSIS Institute Research Committee
  9. SSIS M.A.(IS)Examination Committee
  10. SSIS M.A.(IS) Exam - Moderation and Scrutiny Committee
  11. SSIS Student Awards Scrutiny Committee
  12. SSIS Institutional Social Responsibility Committee
  13. SSIS Co and Extra Curricular Activity Committee
  14. SSIS Projects, Internship, and Dissertation Committee
  15. SSIS Library Advisory Committee
  16. SSIS Communications Committee (includes website)
  17. SSIS Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  18. SSIS Health & Wellness Committee (part of Campus Health Committee)
  19. SSIS Hostel & Mess Committee
  20. SSIS Sports Committee
  21. SSIS Campus Discipline and Crisis Management Committee

Student Affairs

Student Support

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team at SSIS comprises of Director, Deputy Director, Faculty ,Academic Coordinator and Student representatives. We are here to counsel students over concerns about academics,complaints, problems on campus, or when unsure where to go for help.
Students may also drop a note on their concerns by mail to, or use the Suggestion Box. The Buddy and Mentor system are also in place to provide peer support. The intention is to provide mentoring from faculty and peers to help students achieve their potential.

Student Security

Emergency response requirements - the student handbook and the SSIS contains all relevant contact details for medical/ fire / police etc. emergencies. The University takes the security of its students very seriously. If you have experienced any threat to dignity or security or any form of harassment we strongly encourage you to report it. The details of the Anti-Ragging Helpline, Team, and the Nodal officer are prominently displayed across the campus as well as on a website.

Parent Connect

Parents can keep track of their ward's progress in class via attendance charts for each subject, and test scores, by logging into their Angel registration account through Curiosity Software. Giving parents information about their ward's progress establishes accountability from the student, and motivates the student to perform. Parents can also write in to the Director/ Deputy Director or meet with prior appointment.

Student Health

Students should register with the University Health Center - SCHC The Health Center provides:

  • A consultation with a doctor or nurse
  • An emergency appointment
  • Sickness certification
  • Insurance