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Indian Review of Global Affairs

Indian Review of Global Affairs is a research arm of Symbiosis School of International Studies and was launched in June 2015, as a single point to integrate and incorporate the research activities and projects pertaining to the issues of the contemporary world. It was cast with the aim of inculcating strategic thinking in a manner which involves the academia, corporates, policy makers, and the civil society.

The research house is based in Pune, a city in western India, which combines a rich cultural heritage with a modern pace. Four major verticals have been identified for research and policy review: Security and Defense, Make in India, Education and Culture, Sustainable Development.

The platform will showcase research regarding mid-to-long level policy relevant issues and serve as a knowledge repository. Symbiosis School of International Studies, through its various activities and events like seminars, policy dialogues and the annual International Relations Conference, will produce short reports, policy briefs, opinion columns, and presentations to inform public opinion and policy- makers.

As part of its long-term goal, Symbiosis School of International Studies aims to develop innovative research agendas, databases, publication programs and disseminate analyses to relevant audiences through print and digital media. Click Here

Student Research and Publication

Name Research and Publication
Anirban Dutta (2020-22 batch)
Kanika Sansanwal and Rahul Kamath (2018-20 batch)
Ronnie Ninan (2018-20 batch) "The Role of Biotechnology during Pandemics: The case of COVID-19 " in Covid 19: Analysing it’s threats, ed by Dr. Ajey Lele and Ms. Kritika Roy.
Rahul Kamath (2018-20 batch) View Research and Publication
Epcita Shukla (2019-21 batch) View Research and Publication
Rohan Malhotra View Research and Publication
Preshit Parihar View Research and Publication
Vishwajeet Raghav ( 17- 19 batch) Research and Publication - 1, Research and Publication - 2
Preshit Parihar ( 17- 19 batch) Will India's Defence Industrial Base Catch Cold If DPSUs Sneeze?
Anuraag Srivastava View Research and Publication
Moumita Mukherjee View Research and Publication
Mohan Babu The Petya Cyber-Attack, Daesh’s affair with the dark web
Sharan Ahluwalia View Research and Publication
Ishka Yadav View Research and Publication
Santanu Bhattacharya View Research and Publication
Richa Sharma View Research and Publication
Akshay Parashar
Ms.Sugandh Ojha M.A.( IS) 2016-18 batch
Rohan Malhotra (17-19 batch) View Research and Publication
Mr. Chinmay Desai (2018-20 Batch) Has assisted in developing a handbook on 'How to localize SDGs' for Action for Pune Development
View Research and Publication
View Research and Publication
Ms. Swathi Kallur (2017-19 Batch) Deal Or No Deal: The Future Of Iran’s Nuclear Agreement
View Research and Publication