Caution Notice

Career Counselling cum Interactive Session with Col. Sushil Pradhan, Chief Operating Officer, MitKat Advisory Services

On 8th April 2021, Symbiosis School of International Studies (SSIS) conducted a special session in a row with Col. Sushil Pradhan and his team. Col. Pradhan works as a chief operating officer at Mitkat Advisory Services, Mumbai. This special session aimed to equip the ignited minds by preparing them with skill-sets and practical mindset required for working in the corporate world with special emphasis on geopolitics and risk analysis firms in rapidly changing world.

The session began with opening remarks by Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti, Symbiosis School of International Studies, who warmly welcomed guests on board. Col. Pradhan provided very insightful facts and figures from a pragmatic point of view. His interaction with students and faculty incorporated a range of questions like what is geopolitics? to what are various branches of geopolitics and risk analysis? to the questions like interlinkages between geopolitics and business and many more. Col. Pradhan and his team made students and faculty well acquainted with important terminologies in the field of geopolitics and risk analysis. Col. Pradhan through his explicitly lucid and engaging style of delivery made no room for any doubts among his audience.

The most important outcome of this session was students were able to distinguish between the research undertaken in a risk analysis firm like MitKat and the academic research at universities and think tanks respectively. The comprehensive nature of the presentation cum interaction by Col. Pradhan and his team was able to answer many of the thought-provoking question raised by students.

The session concluded with Col. Sushil Pradhan's valuable advice to all students to develop a broad critical analytical perspective of various day to day developments around and to apply the theoretical frameworks learnt inside four walls of classrooms into cause and effect relationship. The session was closed by the vote of thanks by Dr. Sukalpa Chakrabarti.