Caution Notice

Research Design Workshop conducted by Symbiosis Scholar in Residence by Dr. Deepa Prakash,
Associate Professor of Political Science
the DePauw University.

Academic Writing Workshop

Dr. Prakash was with SSIS for about two and half weeks in January-February 2019, in the capacity of Symbiosis Scholar in Residence. During that time, she worked intensively with the final semester Masters students on refining their dissertation research topics into concrete research questions and coming up with a research design. Her lecture sessions incorporated student research topics as examples or cases to learn the following lessons:

  • Session one: How to identify and ask a research question. How to determine whether you have a research puzzle or problem. How to distinguish between theory- driven, problem-driven or case-driven research. 
  • Session two: How to approach, plan and structure a literature review.
  • Session three: The difference between data and method and used student's topics to think about what the data would likely be and what the method of analysis may be for each project; feasibility, constraints and limits of data availability and how to work with publicly available data.
  • Session four: Focused on case studies - the importance of a case selection rationale, knowing what the universe of cases is
  • Session five: Focused on Discourse and Content Analysis and Structured Focused Comparisons
  • Session six: Interviews, how to collect and organize data, how to begin analysis while still working on literature and how to structure a dissertation
  • Session seven - The last session involved one on ones with all the students on answering their questions about their projects, discussing their methods and data and problem- solving. 
  • Additionally, Dr. Prakash had weekly one on one meetings with students and answering their questions on their projects, suggesting reading, and refining their topics.